Today’s #kanji is #師. It is listed under the radical of #はば(巾) but its semantic element is the left-hand side (ノ and 㠯) and 帀 is the phonetic element, though 師 and 帀 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: a teacher, a specialist
Reading: シ

~に師事(ジ)する: vi. to study under ~, to become ~’s pupil
師弟(テイ): n. teacher and student, master and pupil
師範(ハン): n. a teacher, a master, an instructor
医師(イ): n. a (medical) doctor
恩師(オン): n. one’s former teacher
技師(ギ): n. an engineer, a technician
教師(キョウ): n. a teacher, an instructor
講師(コウ): n. a lecturer, an instructor
法師(ホウ): n. a learned Buddhist monk, a Buddhist priest
牧師(ボク): n. a pastor, a minister

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