Today’s #kanji is 席, which is listed under its semantic element of #はば(巾), which means a piece of cloth. Its phonetic element is the rest of the character which is a simplified form of 庶. Apparently the original meaning of 席 is a rug which woven with grass and/or bamboo.

Meaning: a seat, a venue
Reading: セキ

席(セキ): a seat, one’s place, (sitting) room; a place, a room, an occasion
席上(セキジョウ)で: at the meeting, on the occasion
会席(カイセキ): a meeting place; a set meal served on individual trays at a traditional Japanese dinner party
欠席(ケッセキ): absense, nonattendance
座席(ザセキ)a seat, a chair, seating
主席(シュセキ): (a) leader, a chief, the top; the top student, top of the class
出席(シュッセキ): attendance, presence, appearance
末席(マッセキ/バッセキ): the lowest seat, the seat farthest from the front
臨席(リンセキ)する: to attend to be present (at…)
列席(レッセキ)する: to attend, to be present at …, to be in attendance at ….

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