Today’s #kanji is #常, which is made of its semantic element of #はばへん(巾) and phonetic element of 尚, though 常 and 尚 don’t share quite the same sound.

Meaning: constancy, permanency
Reading: ジョウ、つね、とこ

常識(ジョウシキ): [noun] common sense, practical wisdom
常態(ジョウタイ): [noun] a normal condition, an ordinary state, normality
常用漢字(ジョウヨカンジ): Chinese characters in common use
異常(イジョウ): [なadj] unusual, different from usual, extraordinary, abnormal
正常(セイジョウ): [なadj] normal, regular, working properly
通常(ツウジョウ): [noun/adv] normally, usually, generally, commonly
日常(ニチジョウ): [noun] every day, daily

常(つね): [noun] the usual state of things, normal conditions
常(つね)に: [adv] continually, always, habitually

常夏(とこなつ): [noun] everlasting summer

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