Today’s #kanji is #平. Some say 平 is a compound ideograph made of 于 and 八. Others say it is a pictograph of a water plant. Do you know what that means?

Meaning: flat, peaceful
Reading: ヘイ(ペイ)、ビョウ、たい、ひら

平安(ヘイアン): [noun] peace, calmness, quietness, tranquility, peace of mind
平気(ヘイキ): [なadj] calm, cool, unmoved, composed, unconcerned
平行(ヘイコウ)する: [vi] to run parallel, to be parallel
平和(ヘイワ): [noun] peace, harmony
公平(コウヘイ): [なadj] fair, just, impartial
源平(ゲンペイ): [noun] the Genji and the Heike clans, two rival parties

平等(ビョウドウ): [noun] equality, impartiality

平(たい)ら: [なadj] flat, plane, even, smooth, level, horizontal

平(ひら)たい: [いadj] even, level, flat, thin, simple, plain
平仮名(ひらがな): [noun] hiragana

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