Today’s #kanji is 幾, which is listed under the radical of #いとがしら(幺) and it is a compound ideograph made of 幺x2 meaning “very small” and 戍 meaning “soldiers defending.” In order for soldiers to defend, they need to know the minute movements of the enemy, so 幾 has developed the meaning of “an omen” my dictionary says.


Meaning: an omen, unknown number/quantity (how many, how much)
Reading: キ、いく

幾何学(カガク): geometry
幾微(ビ): niceties, fine points, subtleties (usually written 機微 with the same sound)

幾(いく)つ: (question) how many, how old (usually written in Hiragana)
幾(いく)ら: (question) how much (usually written in Hiragana)
幾多(いくた)の: many, numerous
幾年(いくとせ/いくネン): n. (question) how many years, (infinite) some years
幾分(いくブン): a part, a portion; to some extent, somewhat

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