6 August is a sad day for Japan and for many people in the world.

Needless to say, it is the day an atomic bomb was dropped for the first time in the world’s history onto the city of Hiroshima. That happened 73 years ago. I was not born yet and my parents were still very young and they both lived far away from Hiroshima, so I do not know anybody personally who got affected by the bomb. But it was a terrible thing nonetheless.


The proper Japanese word for an atomic bomb is 原子爆弾(げんしばくだん) but we shorten it as 原爆(げんばく).


原爆(げんばく)was dropped again 3 days later in Nagasaki. Then Japan surrendered on 15 August, when World War II ended.


I wish that nobody will suffer from A-bombs ever again.

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