Today’s first #kanji is #度, which is listed under the radical of #まだれ(广). There are 4 ways to read this kanji.

Meaning: a rule/scale; degree (the unit for angles and temperature); the counter for a number of times, etc.

Reading: ド、ト、タク、たび

度数(スウ): (the number of) times; [an angle, temperature] the degree; the percentage of alcohol; [glasses] the prescription lens strength
度合(あい): (a) degree; (an) extent; a rate
度胸(キョウ): boldness, daring; guts, nerve
度忘(わす)れ: a lapse of memory; a sudden failure to remember something one knows well
温度(オン): (a) temperature
角度(カク): (the degree of) an angle; an approach
湿度(シツ): humidity

法度(ハッ): a law; an ordinance; a prohibition, a ban
支度(シタク): arrangements, preparations

I eat ramen every time I go to Japan.
For this usage, please read this post.

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