Today’s #kanji is 座, which is listed under the radical of #まだれ(广). 座 is a compound ideograph made of 广 (a house) and 坐 (to sit down).


Meaning: a seat, a pedestal, etc.
Reading: ザ、すわ

座席(セキ): a seat, a chair, (sitting) room
座禅(ゼン): Zen meditation, seated meditation
座談会(ダンカイ): a round table talk, a discussion meeting, a symposium
座長(チョウ): a chairperson, a moderator; the leading actor (of a theatre company)
上座(かみ/ジョウ): the chief seat. an upper seat, the seat of honour,
講座(コウ): a course (of lectures)
口座(コウ): an account
正座(セイ)する: to kneel formally (with one’s buttocks on one’s heels)
星座(セイ): a constellation, an asterism

座(すわ)る: to sit (down), to take a seat

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