Today’s #kanji is 庭, which is listed under its semantic element of #まだれ(广), which means a house. Its phonetic element is 廷. Another theory says it is a compound ideograph made of 广 and 廷.

Meaning: a (big) garden, a court
Reading: テイ、にわ

庭園(テイエン): a garden, a park
庭球(テイキュウ): (lawn) tennis
家庭(カテイ): (a) home, a family, a household
校庭(コウテイ): a schoolyard, school grounds, a campus

庭(にわ): a garden, the grounds, a yard; an area ()of activit), a field (for action)
庭先(にわさき): (in/around) the garden
庭師(にわシ): a landscape gardener, a garden designer
裏庭(うらにわ): a back garden, a backyard
坪庭(つぼにわ): an inner garden, a court yard
中庭(なかにわ): a courtyard, a inner court, a quadrangle

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