Today’s #kanji is 形, which is listed under the its semantic element of #さんづくり. 开 part used to be written like 幵 and that is the 形’s phonetic part although 形 and 幵 don’t quite share a sound.


Meaning: a shape, a form
Reading: ケイ、ギョウ、かた(がた)、かたち

形式(ケイシキ): a form, a style, formality, format
形状(ケイジョウ): shape, form, configuration
形態(ケイタイ): a form a shape, a pattern, configuration, morphology
形容詞(ケイヨウシ): an adjective
外形(ガイケイ): an external form, externals, an expression
変形(ヘンケイ)する: to change (the shape of…), to transform, to metamorphose

形相(ギョウソウ): a feature, a face, a look, an aspect
人形(ニンギョウ): a doll, a puppet

形見(かたみ): an object that reminds one of a relation or friend who has died, a memento
雲形(くもがた)定規(ジョウギ): a curved rule, a French curve

形(かたち): a shape, a pattern, a form a style

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