Today’s #kanji is 得, which is listed under its semantic element of #ぎょうにんべん(彳). The right hand side of its original form was apparently made of 見 and 寸 and those 2 together is the phonetic element.

Meaning: to gain, to obtain
Reading: トク、え、う

得意(トクイ): n. fulfillment (↔失意), pride, triumph; one’s strong point; a customer
得心(トクシン)する: vi. to agree (to…), to comply (with…), to be convinced
会得(エトク)する: vt. to understand, to grasp, to comprehend
獲得(カクトク)する: vt. to acquire, to obtain, to gain, to achieve, etc.
取得(シュトク)する: vt. to obtain, to get, to gain, to purchase
習得(シュウトク)する: vt. to learn, to master, to acquire (a skill)
説得(セットク)する: vt. to persuade, to convince

得(え)る: vt. to get, to have, to obtain, to acquire; to be able to do…

与(あた)え得(う)る: to be able to give

unlisted reading
得手(て): one’s strong point (=得意)

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  • ぎょうにんべん

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