Today’s #kanji is 御, which is a compound ideograph made of ぎょうにんべん(彳、going forward) and 卸 (letting the horse go after stopping a horse drawn cart) and that makes 御’s original meaning to be “to handle a horse.”


Meaning: to handle, add the meaning of respect
Reading: ギョ、ゴ、おん、お*、み*
*denotes unlisted reading

御苑(ギョエン): n. an Imperial garden
御者(ギョシャ): n. a person who drives a coach, a coachman
制御(セイギョ): n. control, regulation, governing, management
防御(ボウギョ): n. defense, protection

御所(ショ): n. an imperial palace
御旅行(リョコウ): n. your trip (honorific)

御社(おんシャ): n. your company, your firm (honorific)
御中(おんチュウ): a suffix to use for an organization instead of ~様(さま) which is for a person

Unlisted readings

御歳暮(せいぼ): n. year-end gift
御所(ところ): n. your address

御仏(ほとけ): Lord Buddha

  • ぎょうにんべん

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