Meaning: a heart, a mind, the centre

Reading: シン(ジン)、こころ(ごころ)

心臓(シンゾウ): the heart
心配(シンパイ): anxiety, fear, worry
関心(カンシン): interest, concern
中心(チュウシン): the centre, the core
安心(アンシン): relief, peace of mind
用心(ヨウジン): care, caution, precaution
信心(シンジン): faith, belief


心(こころ): a heart, a mind, a spirit
心得(こころえ): knowledge, understanding

親心(おやごころ): parental love, parental affection
#心 is apparently a pictograph for a heart and it makes its own radical. Most typefaces for 心 look quite different from how you should be writing it, so please practise writing it, looking at the stroke order animation.
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