Today’s #kanji is #必, which is listed under the radical of #こころ(心) but its original form was made of its semantic element of 弋 (the original form of 杙) and phonetic element of 八, though 必 and 八 do not share a sound.

Meaning: necessity, without fail
Reading: ヒツ(ヒッ)、かなら

必携(ヒッケイ)の: [noun + の] indispensable
必見(ヒッケン)の: [noun + の] must-see
必殺(ヒッサツ): [noun but used like an adj] deadly
必死(ヒッシ)の: [noun + の] frantic, desperate, fierce
必至(ヒッシ)の: [noun + の] inevitable, necessary
必需品(ヒツジュヒン): [noun] necessaries, necessities, a requisite
必修(ヒッシュウ): [noun but used like an adj] a requirement, compulsory (subject)
必須(ヒッス)の: [noun + の] indispensable, essential, requisite
必要(ヒツヨウ): [なadj] necessary, needed, required

必(かなら)ず: [adv] always, without exception, certainly, without fail

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