Today’s #kanji is #忙, which is made of its semantic element of #りっしんべん (representing “mind”) and phonetic element of 亡. This combination is the same as 忘 (to forget) though the meanings are not the same. My kanji dictionary mentions that 忙 can be a cause of 忘. Do you agree?

Meaning: busy

忙殺(ボウサツ)される: [passive vt] to be very busy doing …, to be swamped with work, to be busily occupied
忙中(ボウチュウ)閑(カン)あり: [saying] Even on the busiest days, one can always find a moment to oneself.
多忙(タボウ): [なadj] busy, hectic

忙(いそが)しい: [いadj] busy, occupied, engaged, hectic

忙(せわ)しい: [いadj] busy, restless, fidgety
気(き)忙(ぜわ)しい: [いadj] flurried, hustling, restless, unable to sit still, impatient

  • りっしんべん

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