This week’s first #kanji is #念, which is made of its semantic element of #したごころ(心) and phonetic element of 今, although 念 and 今 don’t share a sound in #Japanese.

Meaning: thought, feeling, wish
Reading: ネン

念(ネン)を入(い)れる: to pay attention, to be careful, to exercise great care
念(ネン)を押(お)す: to tell emphatically, emphasize, make sure of…
念願(ネンガン): a person’s heart’s desire, a person’s heartfelt wish
念仏(ネンブツ): a Budddhist invocation, a prayer to Amitabha
念力(ネンリキ): willpower, psychokinesis
概念(ガイネン): a concept, an idea, a notion
記念(キネン)する: to commemorate, to honour the memory
残念(ザンネン)(な): regrettable, disappointing, mortifying
断念(ダンネン)する: to give up, to abandon
無念(ムネン): regret, mortification

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