This week’s #kanji is #怒, which is listed under its semantic element of #したごころ(心). Its phonetic element is 奴, Can you read it? Do you know what it means?

Meaning: to get infuriated, to get agitated
Reading: ド、いか、おこ

怒声(ドセイ): an angry voice, an excited voice
怒(ド)鳴(な)る: to shout, to yell, to roar
喜怒(キド)哀楽(アイラク): (human) emotions, feelings
激怒(ゲキド)する: to become enraged, to become infuriated

怒(おこ)る: to get angry, to be offended, to lose one’s temper; to tell … off

What are you angry about? What has upset you?
I was told off by the teacher as I forgot to do my homework.

怒(いか)る: the same as the above or in set expressions like:

肩(かた)が怒(いか)っている: to have square shoulders
海(うみ)が怒(いか)っている: (for the sea) to have rough waves

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