Today’s #kanji is #怖, which is made of its semantic element of #りっしんべん(忄) and phonetic element of 布. Apparently it is a variant of 悑, which is not part of the 常用漢字 (everyday use kanji) list.

Meaning: fear
Reading: フ、こわ、お*

恐怖(キョウ): [noun] fear, fright, dread, terror
畏怖(イ): [noun] awe, fear, dread

怖(こわ)い: [いadj] frightening, terrifying; dangerous (sometimes people write with the kanji 恐)
怖(こわ)がる: [vi] to be frightened, to be scared

怖(お)じける: [vi] to tremble in fear, to be terrified
怖(お)じ気(け)づく: [vi] to be seized with fear, to lose courage
物(もの)怖(お)じする: [vi] to be shy, to be timid

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