Today’s first #kanji is #思. It’s written with 田 (rice field ⇒ to produce) and 心(こころ).

Your thoughts are product of your mind (心), so this makes sense.

BTW, 心 used in the bottom part of a kanji is actually called したごころ(下心), which does not mean the same as a common noun 下心, a secret intention/desire.

Meaning: to think

Reading: シ、おも

思考(コウ): thinking, thought, consideration
思春期(シュンキ): (the age of) puberty, adolescence
意思(イ): an intention, an intent
不思議(フギ)(な): wonderful, wondrous, amazing, mysterious


思い(おもい): an idea, thought
思う(おもう): to think, to consider
思い出(おもいで): a memory, a recollection
思い出す(おもいだす): to recall, to recollect, to remember
思い上がり(おもいあがり): conceit, assumption
物思い(ものおもい): meditation, anxiety


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