Today’s #kanji is #急, which is listed under its semantic element of #したごころ(心). Its sound element used to be 及.

Reading: キュウ、いそ

急激(キュウゲキ)(な): sudden, abrupt, radical, drastic
急行(キュウコウ)列車(レッシャ): an express train
急所(キュウショ): a vital part, a sensitive spot; the key point
急病(キュウビョウ): a sudden (attack of) illness
応急(オウキュウ)手当(てあて): first aid
救急車(キュウキュウシャ): an ambulance
緊急(キンキュウ): (an) emergency, urgency

急(いそ)ぐ: to hurry (up), to hasten
大急(おおいそ)ぎ(で): in a great hurry, in great haste
急(いそ)ぎ足: a quick pace

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