Today’s #kanji is #性, which is made of its semantic element of #りっしんべん(忄) and its phonetic element of 生. The single character can be pronounced in 3 different ways. Do you know them all?

Meaning: natural characteristics, gender
Reading: セイ、ショウ(ジョウ)、さが*

性(セイ): n. sex, gender, nature
性格(セイカク): n. (a person’s) character, personality, nature
性質(セイシツ): n. a person’s nature, an item’s quality, property, nature
性能(セイノウ): n. capacity, power, performance
異性(イセイ): n. the other sex, a member of the opposite sex; 【chemistry】isomerism
可能性(カノウセイ): n. possibility, chance, potential

性(ショウ): n. nature, disposition, temperament, quality
性分(ショウブン): n. nature, temperament
気性(キショウ): n. disposition, personality, temperament
根性(コンジョウ): n. a personality, a temper; willpower, determination

unlisted reading

人間(にんげん)の性(さが): human nature

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