Today’s #kanji is #悲, which is made of its semantic element of #こころ and phonetic element of 非. 非 is somehow connected with 疵 (wound), so 悲 can be understood as “emotional wound.” Do you agree?

Meaning: sad, sorrow, grief
Reading: ヒ、かな

悲哀(アイ): [noun] sorrow, sadness, misery
悲運(ウン): [noun] a sad fate, ill-fatedness, a tragic doom
悲観(カン): [noun] pessimism, disappointment
悲劇(ゲキ): [noun] tragedy, a tragic drama
悲鳴(メイ): [noun] a scream, a shriek, a yell
悲恋(レン): [noun] tragic love, disappointed love
慈悲(ジ): [noun] mercy, charity, compassion

悲(かな)しい: [いadj] sad, unhappy, dejected, depressing, depressed, distressing, etc.
悲(かな)しみ: [noun] sorrow, sadness, unhappiness, grief, lament
悲(かな)しむ: [vt] to grow/be sad at…, to be unhappy, to feel miserable

  • こころ
  • したごころ

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