Meaning: place

Reading: ショ(ジョ)、ところ(どころ)

所管(ショカン): jurisdiction, control
所長(ショチョウ): the head of an office, the chief of a laboratory
所轄(ショカツ)の警察(けいさつ): the police in charge of your district
所得(ショトク): income, earnings, profits
住所(ジュウショ): one’s address, one’s place of residence
名所(メイショ): sights (to see), place of scenic interest
近所(キンジョ): the neighbourhood, the vicinity

便所(ベンジョ): a toilet, a lavatory

所(ところ): a place, a spot, a scene

大所(おおどころ): an important person, a big name

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