Today’s #kanji is 投, which is listed under the radical of #てへん(扌). One theory is 扌 is the semantic element and 殳 is the phonetic element, although 殳 and 投 don’t share a sound. Another theory says it is a compound ideograph made of 扌 (a hand) and 殳 (a spear).

Meaning: to throw, to cast
Reading: トウ、な

投影(トウエイ)する: to project, to reflect, to cast a reflection
投降(トウコウ)する: to surrender
投稿(トウコウ)する: to contribute (an article to a periodical), to submit (a paper to a jornal)
投合(トウゴウ)する: to agree with…, to coincide with…
投手(トウシュ): 【baseball】 a pitcher
投書(トウショ)する: to write (a letter to a newspaper company), to contribute (an article to …)
投票(トウヒョウ)する: to cast one’s vote, to vote (for…)
投薬(トウヤク)する: to administer a medicine to a patient, to medicate, to dispense (medicine)
完投(カントウ)する: to pitch a complete game, to go the distance

投(な)げる: to throw, to fling, to cast, to toss; to give up, to abandon

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