Today’s #kanji is 抜, which looks like a combination of 扌 and 友 but 抜’s original form is 拔 and that is made of its semantic element of #てへん(扌) and phonetic element of 犮 although 抜 and 犮 don’t quite sound the same.


Meaning: to pull out
Reading: バツ(バッ)、ぬ

抜群(バツグン)の: outstanding, exceptional, extraordinary
抜粋(バッスイ): extraction, excerption, selection, an extract, an excerpt, a selection
抜擢(バッテキ)する: to select/choose/draw (someone out of many candidates to a prominent position/role)
抜本的(バッポンテキ): drastic, thoroughgoing
海抜(カイバツ): above sea level

富士山ふじさんは海抜3,776 メートルです。
Mt. Fuji has an altitude of 3,776 meters.

選抜(センバツ)する: to select/choose/single out

抜(ぬ)かす: 1. to omit, to leave out; 2. to overtake (=抜く)

1 いちぎょう抜かす = to skip a line

ゴール直前ちょくぜんで抜く = to overtake someone just before the finish line

抜(ぬ)かる: to make a mistake, to blunder

抜かるな。Don’t relax your guard!

抜(ぬ)く: 1. to pull out; 2. to pick out, to extract; 3. to pilfer; 4. to take out, to remove; 5. to omit, to leave out; 6. to overtake, to pass; 7. to cut out; 8. to pierce, to break through; 9. to scoop; etc.

虫歯むしばを抜く pull out a decayed tooth
くぎを抜く pull out a nail
わさびを抜いてください. Do not put wasabi on the sushi.

抜(ぬ)ける: 1. to fall out; 2. to come loose; 3. to lose (content/colour); 4. to drop out; 5. to leave, to resign; 6. to pass through; etc.

白髪しらがが抜ける = for a white hair to fall out
が抜ける = for a tooth to come out
このビールはが抜けている。This beer has lost its fizz [= has gone flat).
グループを抜ける = to drop out of the group
トンネルを抜ける = to go through (= come out of) the tunnel

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