Today’s #kanji is 抱, which is listed under the radical of #てへん(扌). My dictionary says its semantic element was originally 衣 and phonetic element is 包.

Meaning: to hold, to embrace
Reading: ホウ、だ、いた、かか

抱合(ホウゴウ)する: vt. to combine, to conjugate; to embrace
抱水(ホウスイ)の: hydrate
抱負(ホウフ): n. (an) aspiration, (an) ambition, (a) plan
抱擁(ホウヨウ)する: vt. to embrace, to hug, to cuddle

抱(だ)き合(あ)う: to embrace each other
抱(だ)く: to hold in one’s arms, to embrace, to hug; to have sex; to brood

あかぼうを抱く: to hold a baby in one’s arms
たまごを抱く: to sit on eggs

抱(いだ)く: to harbor (suspicion), to entertain (hope, a view), to cherish (a desire)

不安ふあんを抱く: to feel uneasy
うらみを抱く: to bear a grudge
希望きぼうを抱く: to entertain hope

抱(かか)える: to carry in one’s arms; to have on one’s hands, to take on; to employ

花束はなたばを抱える: to hold a bouquet of flowers
あたまを抱える: to hold one’s head covered with one’s arms, to puzzle over (a question)
問題もんだいを抱える: to have a problem
従業員じゅうぎょういんを抱える: to employ workers

抱(かか)え込(こ)む: to hug, to hang on to; to take upon oneself

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