Today’s second #kanji is #持. This also has a #寺 in it but this time, the main radical is #てへん(扌).

As the name へん suggests, 扌 indicates association with a hand.

寺(てら) nowadays means a temple but apparently it originally meant “to work”, so “to work with hands” ⇒ “to grab” or “to hold” – kind of makes sense…

Meaning: to hold

Reading: ジ、も

持論(ロン): one’s cherished opinion
支持(シ): support, backing
所持(ショ)する: to possess, to own


持つ(つ): to have, to take, to hold, to own
持って行く(っていく): to take (something) (to a place), to carry away
持って来る(ってくる): to bring (over)
持ち物(ちもの): one’s possession, one’s property, personal belongings
気持ち(キち): the way a person feels, a feeling, a sentiment
金持ち(かねち): a rich person
長持ち(ながち)する: to last a long time, to keep long, to stand long use


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