Today’s #kanji is #指, which is made of its semantic element of #てへん(扌) and phonetic element of 旨.

Meaning: a finger, to point
Reading: シ、ゆび、さ(ざ)

指揮(キ)する: vt. to command, to lead, to direct
指示(ジ)する: vt. to indicate, to direct
指針(シン): n. an indicator, a pointer; a guide, a guideline
指定(テイ)する: vt. to appoint, to designate, to assign
指導(ドウ)する: vt. to guide, to lead, to counsel
屈指(クッ)の: exp. leading, foremost, prominent, outstanding

指(ゆび): a finger, a toe

親指(おやゆび): the thumb
人差し指(ひとさしゆび): the index finger
中指(なかゆび): the middle finger
薬指(くすりゆび): the ring finger
小指(こゆび): the little finger, the pinkie

指輪(ゆびわ): n. a (finger) ring

指(さ)す: vt. to point, to indicate, to aim; to name, to nominate
名指(な)し: n. calling by name, designation, nomination

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