Today’s #kanji is 捕, which is listed under its semantic element of #てへん(扌). Its phonetic element is 甫, which means to tie or bound.


Meaning: to catch, to arrest
Reading: ホ、と、つか

捕獲(カク)する: vt. to catch, to capture, to seize
捕鯨(ゲイ): n. whaling, whale fishing
捕捉(ソク)する: vt. to catch, to hold up, to capture, to understand
捕虜(リョ): a prisoner (of war), a war prisoner, a captive
逮捕(タイ)する: to arrest, to make an arrest, to apprehend

捕(と)る: vt. to catch (an animal or a ball)
捕(と)らえる: vt. to catch, to capture, to arrest, to grasp

機会(キカイ)を捕らえる: to seize an opportunity
犯人(ハンニン)を捕らえる: to capture an offender
内容(ナイヨウ)を捕らえる: to understand the content

捕(と)り物(もの)帳(チョウ): n. a detective story, a detective’s memoirs
捕(つか)まえる: vt. to catch, to capture, to seize, to arrest
捕(つか)まる: vi. to be caught, to be captured, to be arrested

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