Today’s #kanji is #掛, which is made of its semantic element of #てへん(扌) and phonetic element of 卦. In the modern Japanese language, 掛 only has 訓読み.

Meaning: to suspend, to hang
Reading: か(が)

掛(か)かる: [vi] to hang, to get on, to take (time), to cost, etc.

エンジンが掛かる = the engine starts
ブレーキが掛かる = the brakes work

掛(か)ける: [vt] to hang, to lock, to pour, etc.

水を掛ける = to pour water over …
エンジンを掛ける = to start an engine
ラジオを掛ける = to turn a radio on
掛(か)け算: [noun] multiplication

腰(こし)掛(か)ける: [vi] to be seated, to sit (on a chair/sofa)
仕(し)掛(か)け: [noun] a device, a mechanism, a contraption, a trick, engineering
手(て)掛(が)ける: [vt] to handle, to manage, to deal with…
引(ひ)っ掛(か)ける: [vt] to catch, to hang, to trap, to splash
ひざ掛(か)け: [noun] a knee rug, a lap robe
見(み)掛(か)け: [noun] appearance, look

The kanji 掛 is sometimes used instead of 係(かかり), which means: [noun] duty, job, a person in charge, a clerk

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