Today’s #kanji is 探, which is listed under its semantic element of #てへん(扌). 深 used to be written differently and I cannot bring up its phonetic element as it is not used in the Japanese language.

Meaning: to search, to look for
Reading: タン、さが、さぐ

探究(タンキュウ)する: to investigate, to do research into, to explore
探求(タンキュウ)する: to search for, to pursue (truth)
探検(タンケン)する: to explore, to make an expedition
探索(タンサク)する: to search for, to seek for, to investigate
探知(タンチ)する: to detect, to discover, to learn by inquiry
探偵(タンテイ): a detective; detective work, secret investigation

探(さが)す: to search (for…), to look for…, to seek
探(さが)し当(あ)てる: to go around looking for… to find (what one is searching for)

探(さぐ)る: to feel around for…, to grope for…; to prove into …, to try to find out…; to explore
探(さぐ)りを入(い)れる: to prove, to sound out, to spy out

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