Today’s #kanji is 数, which is listed under the radical of #ぼくづくり(攴/攵). 数 is an informal variant of 數 which is made of its semantic element of 攴 and phonetic element of 婁, though 數 and 婁 don’t share a sound. 攴 has the meaning of holding a stick and 婁 has the meaning of short sticks used for calculation.


Meaning: to count, a number
Reading: スウ、ス、かず、かぞ

数学(スウガク): n. mathematics
数人(スウニン): n. a few people, several people
算数(サンスウ): n. arithmetic (mathematics taught in primary school)
小数(ショウスウ): n. a decimal (fraction)

小数点(ショウスウテン): n. a decimal point

少数(ショウスウ): n. a small number, a minority
多数(タスウ): n. a large number
無数(ムスウ): n. an infinite number, immensities
無数(ムスウ)の: numberless, countless, a limitless number of

数寄屋(キヤ): n. a tea ceremony room/hut

数(かず): n. a number, an amount

数(かぞ)える: vt. to count, to calculate

  • ぼくづくり

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