#新 is listed under the radical of #おのづくり(斤). 斤 means “an axe” so 新’s original meaning was “to cut down a tree,” from which the meaning of “new” was developed.

Originally I planned to post something about food on Wednesdays, but if I post one kanji a week, it would take 4 years just to cover the kanjis prescribed in the NSW HSC syllabus, so I have decided to post a kanji card on every Wednesday and Saturday from now on. Food post will be moved to Fridays.


Meaning: new

Reading: シン、あたら、あら、にい


新聞(シンブン): newspaper
新約聖書(シンヤクセイショ):  the New Testament
新調(シンチョウ)する: have [a new dress] made
更新(コウシン): a renewal, an update
刷新(サッシン): a reform, a renovation

新(あたら)しい : new
真新(まあたら)しい: brand-new

<Difficult Reading>

新手(あらて)(の): new type

新妻(にいづま) : one’s new wife; a newly-married woman

新潟(にいがた): Niigata – a prefecture in Japan


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