Meaning: family, clan

Reading: ゾク、やから*
族生(ゾクセイ)する: grow in clusters
家族(カゾク): a family, one’s family (members)
一族(イチゾク): one’s relatives, one’s kin
親族(シンゾク): a relative, a relation
血族(ケツゾク): a blood relative
遺族(イゾク): a bereaved family
民族(ミンゾク): a race, an ethnic people
同族(ドウゾク):  the same race, one’s kind
皇族(コウゾク): (a member of) the imperial family
貴族(キゾク): the nobility, the aristocracy
Unofficial reading:
族(やから): a family, a clan, a group
輩 is more often used for this reading/meaning
#族 is listed under #かたへん(方) but 族 is apparently a combination of 旗 (a flag) and 矢 (an arrow) and means “to gather under a flag.”
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