Today’s first #kanji is #日, which makes its own radical. It is a pictograph for the sun. Make sure you keep it slender as the fat version 曰 is a different character, meaning “to say”.

Meaning: the sun, a day

Reading: ジツ、ニチ(ニッ)、ひ(び)、か

一日(イチニチ): one day (long)
最初(サイショ)の日(): the first day
日曜日(ニチヨウ): Sunday
翌日(ヨクジツ): the next day
二日(ふつ): the second day  of a month
冬日(ふゆ): a “winter day” during which the temperature falls below 0°C

終日(シュウジツ): all day
<Difficult Reading>

一日(ついたち): the first day of a month

日向(ひなた): sunshine; a sunny place

向日葵(ひまわり): a sunflower

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