Today’s first #kanji is #明.
#日 (the Sun) and #月 (the Moon)  are together, so it must be very bright!

It has 4 common ways of reading it. It’s probably best if you remember them in words.

Meaning: bright, to brighten up

Reading: ミョウ、メイ、あ、あか

明日(ミョウニチ、あした): tomorrow
明後日(ミョウゴニチ、あさって): the day after tomorrow


証明(ショウメイ): proof, evidence, certification
照明(ショウメイ): illumination, lighting
明白(メハク)(な): clear, evident, obvious
明月(メイゲツ): a bright moon, a full moon
   中秋(チュウシュウ)の名月(メイゲツ): the harvest moon


明ける(ける): begin, be over
明かり(かり): a light, a lamp

明るい(あかるい): light, bright, cheerful

明らか(あきらか)(な): clear, distinct, evident, obvious

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