Today’s #kanji is #易, which is a pictogram and it is the original form of 蜴, a lizard. Because lizards can change their skin colour, 易 has the meaning of “change” apparently although it is not the first meaning I would think of.

Meaning: to change, to transform, easy
Reading: エキ、イ、やさ、やす

易者(エキシャ): (n) a fortune-teller although 占(うらな)い師(シ) is a more common word for it.
交易(コウエキ): (n) trade, commerce, barter
貿易(ボウエキ): (n) (foreign) trade, (international) commerce

安易(アン): (na-adj) easy, easygoing, lighthearted, sloppy, careless
簡易(カン): (na-adj) simple, simplified, easy, plain
難易度(ナンド): (n) (a degree of) difficulty
平易(ヘイ): (na-adj) easy (to understand), plain
容易(ヨウ): (na-adj) easy, simple, manageable

易(やさ)しい: (i-adj) easy, simple, light, plain

易(やす)い: (i-adj) easy, simple, light

[verb stem]+易(やす)い = easy to ~
食(た)べ易(やす)い: easy to eat

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