meaning: spring

reading: シュン、はる

春秋(シュンジュウ): spring and autumn, years, age
= In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn.
迎春(ゲイシュン): (I wish you a) Happy New Year
(a greeting on a 年賀状(ねんがじょう) – a New Year’s greeting card)
新春(シンシュン): the New Year
早春(ソウシュン): early spring
初春(ショシュン): early spring, the beginning of spring
晩春(バンシュン): late spring
青春(セイシュン): youth, the best time of one’s life

春(はる): spring
初春(はつはる): early spring, the New Year

小春日和(こはるびより): an Indian summer
#春 is written as three (三) people (人) on top of the sun (日). It is listed under the radical of 日.
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