Today’s #kanji is 昨, which is listed its semantic element of #にちへん(日) . Its phonetic element is 乍 which apparently has the meaning of “to separate.” Can you tell what 昨 means then?


Meaning: yesterday, last year, past
Reading: サク(サッ)

昨今(サッコン): these days
昨春(サクシュン): last spring, the spring of last year
昨夏(サッカ): last summer, the summer of last year
昨秋(サクシュウ): last autumn, the autumn of last year
昨冬(サクトウ): last winter, the winter of last year
昨年(サクネン): last year (=去年きょねん

Compound reading
昨日(きのう、サクジツ): yesterday
一昨日(おととい、イッサクジツ*): the day before yesterday
一昨年(おととし、イッサクネン*): the year before last year
*音読おんよ sounds more formal

  • にちへん
  • ひらび

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