Today’s second #kanji is #晩. It is made of ひへん/にちへん(日) and 免 (メン, to escape). Yes, you can picture that the sun is escaping away from you during 晩, can’t you?

Meaning: evening

Reading: バン

晩ご飯(バンゴハン): the evening meal, dinner
晩春(バンシュン): late spring, the latter part of spring
晩夏(バンカ): late summer, the latter part of summer
晩秋(バンシュウ): late autumn, the latter part of autumn
晩冬(バントウ): late winter, the latter part of winter
晩年(バネン): one’s last years, the latter part of one’s life
朝晩(あさバン):  (in the) morning and evening, day and night
今晩(コンバン): this evening, tonight
昨晩(サクバン): last night, yesterday evening
明晩(ミョウバン): tomorrow evening, tomorrow night


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