Today’s #kanji is 景, which is listed under its semantic element of #にちへん(日), which suggests a connection with the sun or a day. Its phonetic element is 京.


Meaning: scenery, elegance, etc.
Reading: ケイ

景観(ケイカン): a landscape, a scene, scenery, a view
景気(ケイキ): business activity, the market; liveliness, spirit
景勝(ケイショウ): picturesque scenery
景品(ケイヒン): a premium, a gift, a giveaway
光景(コウケイ): a spectacle, a scene, a sight
殺風景(サップウケイ)な: tasteless, inartistic, dreary, dull
背景(ハイケイ): a background, a backdrop; a setting (of a story)
風景(フウケイ): scenery, a landscape, a view, a prospect
夜景(ヤケイ): a night view, a nocturnal scene

Colloquial reading
景色(シキ): scenery, a scene, a landscape, a view

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