Today’s #kanji is 晴, which is a casual version of 睛. It is listed under its semantic element of #にちへん(日). Its phonetic element is 靑.

Meaning: sunny, clear
Reading: セイ、は(ば、ぱ)

晴雨(セイウ)計(ケイ): a barometer
晴天(セイテン): n. fine weather, a cloudless sky
快晴(カイセイ): n. clear weather

晴(は)らす: vt. to dispel, to clear up

気分キブンを晴らす: to cheer up
疑念ギネンを晴らす: to clear a person’s doubt
うらみを晴らす: to get one’s revenge, to get even (with…)

晴(は)れる: vi. to cheer (up), (for rain) to stop falling, to let up

こころが晴れる: One’s spirit is refreshed
が晴れる: to be refreshed, to cheer up

秋(あき)晴(ば)れ: beautiful crisp autumn weather
晴(は)れやか: なadj. clear, bright; grand, gala
晴(は)れ着(ぎ): n. one’s best clothes, a gala dress
見(み)晴(は)らし: n. a view, an extensive view, an outlook, visibility
天(あっ)晴(ぱ)れ: なadj. admirable, splendid, brilliant

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