Today’s #kanji is 曲, which is listed under the radical of #ひらび(日) but it is a pictograph of a round container made by bending wood.


Meaning: to bend, to warp, wicked, tune, etc.
Reading: キョク、ま

曲(キョク): n. music; a tune; pleasure
曲芸(キョクゲイ): n. acrobatics, a stunt
曲折(キョクセツ)する: vi. to bend, to curb, to wind (in and out)
婉曲(エンキョク): なadj. euphemistic, periphrastic, indirect
楽曲(ガッキョク): n. a composition, a piece (of music), a work
作曲(サッキョク)する: vt. to write music, to compose
歪曲(ワイキョク)する: vt. to distort, to pervert, to make a false representation (of …)

曲(ま)がる: vi (for something) to bend, to turn, to warp
曲(ま)げる: vt to bend (something), to distort (something)

difficult reading

曲者(くせもの): a rascal, a villain, a suspicious fellow

  • にちへん
  • ひらび

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