This week’s #kanji is #望, which is listed under #つきへん(月) in my kanji dictionary.

meaning: to hope, to view, etc.
reading: ボウ、モウ、のぞ、み*、もち*

願望(ガンボウ): a wish, a desire, an aspiration
希望(キボウ): a hope, a wish, a desire
志望(シボウ): a desire, an ambition, an aspiration
                 志望校(シボウコウ): the school a person wants to go to; a person’s first choice of school

人望(ジンボウ): popularity, popular favour

所望(ショモウ): (a) desire, a request
大望(タイモウ): a great desire, (an) ambition
本望(ホンモウ): a person’s long-cherished desire; satisfaction

望(のぞ)む: to desire; to expect; to see
                 みんな 平和(へいわ)を 望(のぞ)んでいます。
                 Everyone hopes for peace.
                 We could see Mt Fuji from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building.

<difficult reading>

望月(もちづき)= a full moon (can be a surname)

  • つき
  • つきへん
  • にくづき

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