Today’s second #kanji is #朝.
One way of remembering this kanji is writing as “10th (十日) (of) October (十月)” (十日十 is written vertically on the left and 月 is on the right) but make sure you don’t write it in the American way (October (the) 10th) as if you swap 日 and 月, that doesn’t make a character!

Meaning: morning

Reading: チョウ、あさ、あした

朝食(チョウショク): breakfast
朝会(チョウカイ): morning meeting
朝廷(チョウテイ): the (Imperial) Court
朝鮮(チョウセン): Korea
王朝(オウチョウ): a dynasty, government under direct imperial/royal administration.
明朝(ミョウチョウ): tomorrow morning
明朝(ミンチョウ): the Ming dynasty (China)
明朝体(ミンチョウタイ): Mincho font


朝(あさ/あした): morning
朝ご飯(あさごはん): breakfast
朝市(あさいち): a morning market


<difficult reading>

今朝(けさ/コンチョウ): this morning

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