Today’s #kanji is 期, which is listed under its semantic element of #つき(月). Its phonetic element is 其. Its original meaning was apparently “one round around the moon.”


Meaning: to expect, limited time
Reading: キ、ゴ

期限(キゲン): n. a term, a time limit, a deadline
期日(キジツ): n. a (fixed) date, an appointed day, an expiration date
期待(キタイ): n. expectation(s), anticipation, hope(s)
延期(エンキ): n. (a) postponement, (a) deferment, a delay
学期(ガッキ): n. a (school) term, an academic term
短期(タンキ): n. a short time, a short duration
長期(チョウキ): n. a long term, a long duration
任期(ニンキ): n. a person’s term of office, a term of membership, one’s tenure (of office)
満期(マンキ): n. expiration (of a term), expiry (of a contract), maturity

最期(サイ): n. one’s last moment, a person’s death
Cf. 最後(サイゴ): the last, the end

  • つき
  • つきへん
  • にくづき

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