Today’s #kanji is #村, which is made of its semantic element of 木 and phonetic element of 寸, although 寸 is usually pronounced differently from 村 in the modern Japanese. Can you read 村 then?

Meaning: a village
Reading: ソン、むら

村長(ソンチョウ): a village mayor
村落(ソンラク): a village, a hamlet
寒村(カンソン): a poor village, a deserted village, an isolated hamlet
漁村(ギョソン): a fishing village
山村(サンソン): a mountain village (If used as a surname, it is read as やまむら)
農村(ノウソン): a farming village, an agricultural village

村(むら/ソン): a village
村役場(むらヤクば): a village office
隣村(となりむら/リンソン): the next village, the neighbouring village

村雨(むらさめ): a passing shower

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