Today’s #kanji is #杯, which is listed under its semantic element of #きへん(木). Its phonetic element is 不 although 杯 and 不 don’t share a sound. 盃 is an informal variant of 杯.

Meaning: a cup, a counter for servings of drink
Reading: ハイ(パイ、バイ)、さかずき

杯盤(ハイバン): n. glasses and plates

1. a cup (of tea); a glass (of wine), a bowl (of rice), etc.
2. a drink (of beer, etc.);
3. a counter for served drink, squid, crab, boat, etc.);

1. full:
2. all, the whole;
3. to the max

乾杯(カンパイ): n. a toast
苦杯(クハイ)をなめる: exp. to drink a bitter cup, to suffer a bitter defeat, to drink the cup of humiliation
祝杯(シュクハイ)をあげる: exp. to drink a toast, to toast, to drink in celebration
賜杯(シハイ): a trophy given by the Emperor or other royalty. The trophy for sumo is called this way.
xxx杯(xxxハイ): the xxx Cup

杯(さかずき): n. a cup, a glass
杯事(さかずきごと): n. 1. a banquet; 2. pledging (friendship) over cups of sake; 3. exchanging nuptial cups
杯細胞(さかずきサイボウ): n. 【medicine】a goblet cell

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