Today’s #kanji is 格, which is listed under its semantic element of #きへん(木), which suggests a connection with a tree. Its phonetic element is 各.

Meaning: standing, status, case
Reading: カク(カッ)、コウ

格好(カッコウ): a shape, a form, appearance
格式(カクシキ): status, social standing; a formality, a way of doing things
格別(カクベツ)な: particular, special, exceptional
価格(カカク): price, value
規格(キカク): a standard, a norm
合格(ゴウカク)する: to pass, to succeed in an examination, to get a qualification, to be accepted
資格(シカク): qualification, capacity, certification
人格(ジンカク): character, personality, individuality
性格(セイカク): character, personality, nature, disposition

格子(コウシ): a lattice, a grid, a grating

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