Today’s #kanji is 構, which is listed under its semantic element of #きへん(木), which suggests a connection with a tree. Its phonetic element is 冓.

Meaning: to build, to prepare
Reading: コウ、かま(がま)

構成(コウセイ)する: to make, to compose, to constitute, to form
構想(コウソウ): an idea, a scheme, a plan, a design, a concept
構造(コウゾウ): structure, construction, a framework, organization
構築(コウチク)する: to build, to construct, to erect
構文(コウブン): grammatical construction of a sentence, sentence structure
機構(キコウ): a mechanism, machinery, s system, a structure
結構(ケッコウ)な: good, fine; satisfactory, sufficient, etc.
See more examples here.

構(かま)える: to assume a posture, to get ready; to put on an air; to set up (a house); to create, to fabricate; to tense up, to become formal
構(かま)わない: to not care, to be indifferent. See more examples here.

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